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Just a few quick follow-ups to my last post.  I wasn’t going crazy or having a bad reaction to doing some work, my body was shutting down on me.  Apparently I had pneumonia!  No wonder I had no energy!

You see my immune system is still crap.  I guess all that chemo they pumped through me 2 years ago left me with an immune system of a 77 year old (my father-in-law was also diagnosed with pneumonia shortly after returning home to California).  Luckily, I got to the doctor in time to get some high powered antibiotics because that Friday we were leaving for 8-nights in paradise…our paradise, St. John, USVI.

St. John, USVI

St. John is not for everyone, there aren’t a lot of big resorts or hotels, no commercialism, no mini-golf, in fact it’s mostly a National Park.  Flip-flops and cut-off shorts are good anywhere.  The beaches are amazing, but quiet.  It was our 5th trip down there, we go the same time every year.  We are always trying to get friends to come down with us, but it’s hard, everyone has different schedules between work and kids and everything.

So meet Jason & Leah –  our vacation friends!  They go the same time every year, just like us.  We first ran into them in 2012 and then again last year.  (Everyone always recognizes Greg – “the guy that looks like Brett Favre”.) They are from Omaha, Nebraska.  We kept in touch during the year and made plans to hang out this year.

Boat trip to British Virgin Islands

Boat trip to British Virgin Islands

We had a blast! We hit the beaches, read some books, hiked, took a dingy beach hopping, chartered a boat to go snorkeling and bar hopping in the British Virgin Islands, and of course, hit happy hour.  Being from Massachusetts (where happy hours are illegal) how can you resist $1 Coors Lights?  Seriously, they are really cold!

Happy Hour at Woody's

Happy Hour at Woody’s

Needless to say, a few days in – with the antibiotics, the sun and the heat – I was feeling much better.  Plus, look how cute my hubs looks in that hat.  We are already talking about next year, with the goal of someday spending the whole month of January there.  Why not? From paradise to a blizzard in just two days, is just wrong, we know better!


Blizzard of 2015