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It’s official…the words that follow could be one of many statements.  Could be “It’s official –  Greg & I completed the Newport 10 Miler Sunday morning after 2 days on Block Island (Rock Stars)!”  Could be “It’s official – my average pace was finally back to the pre-breast cancer time!”  Or it could refer to what I was actually thinking while I ran the race – “It’s official – I’ve become one of those women I used to ‘hate’!”

A little background.  It’s been well established I am not a runner; I am not built like a runner; I am not fast.  (See previous posts:  It’s All Mental  and I Am Not Fast)  But I do run!  We try to do one-long race a year, usually half-marathon, to force the training and have a goal to work towards.

In the past, while working, I’d run/train either at 6 am before work or 6 pm after work.  It was a pick your poison scenario – tough getting up early enough for a long run, shower, & be to work by 8:00 or tough getting out of work on time to get the run in before dark.  Not easy, but it worked.

However, during the race I’d see very fit women my age flying right past me (some even pushing strollers!).   They had coordinated outfits, a comfortable stride, and looked like they were actually enjoying it.  Every time I’d think to myself – “obviously she does not work” – and I ‘hated’ her.  This would go on repeatedly for 13.1 miles.

Then came the breast cancer years when the same women flew right past me and I’d think to myself – “obviously she doesn’t have super powerful, life saving chemicals running through her body”.  And I ‘hated’ her.  Again, this would go on repeatedly for 13.1 miles.

Of course, I didn’t actually hate these women, I don’t even know them.  But I was jealous, very jealous.  Seriously, who had the time or the energy to workout everyday?  Who could actually afford to stay at the gym for 2 hours at a time?  You are kidding me, people really workout more than once in the same day?

So, fast-forward to June 2016.  I am no longer working full-time and it’s been 2 & 1/2 years since they last pumped those life saving chemicals into my right hand.  Now I try to stay up-to-date on breast cancer advancements and read about the latest findings to prevent recurrence.  The one clear thing they all say is exercise, lots of exercise, and keep your weight down.  So, I exercise, a lot!

I enjoy working out.  I lift weights, spin, run, do push-ups & abs, and do yoga.  I usually do at least one of these things 6 days/week.  I’ve definitely spent 2 hours at the gym at a time and sometimes even workout in the morning and go back for a spin class at 5:30 or do yoga.  I fully understand what a luxury this is and do not take it for granted.  I am grateful.

As I was actually enjoying the 10 mile run Sunday morning, I got to thinking (not much else to do out there!) about all the runners.  I’m sure everybody has a different reason why they were up early Sunday morning running around Newport RI.  I wondered what they were all thinking about.  I felt good, I felt strong.  I had a comfortable stride and was even passing people instead of getting passed.  It was enjoyable!

Then it hit me.  I knew exactly what they were thinking.  It’s official…I’ve become one of the women I used to ‘hate’!