The holidays this year were a little crazy in our normally quiet house.  Greg’s family journeyed back to the East Coast to spend some quality time with us.  With his folks in sunny Southern California, his brother in New Orleans, and his nephews in Texas we don’t see them much, so it was good.  But, almost two weeks of constant entertaining, eating, and drinking takes a toll.  So, this week we vowed to “shut it down”…

Back to healthy eating, no drinking, no going out, just quiet time at home.  Plus, I actually had some real work to do!  I managed to get myself a couple small consulting projects to keep me busy during these winter months (plus some cash) and it was time to buckle down and get started.

So, Monday after a good workout with the ladies, I started working.  It was good to know my brain still works.  But, what I wasn’t counting on was after just one day of work my body went into complete shut down mode too.  I woke up Tuesday with a wicked cough, Wednesday I realized I had a Urinary Tract Infection, and Thursday my already imbalanced hormones decided to wage a war in my body and zap any and all energy I had.

Great.  In between sleeping until 10 am and watching TV on the couch, I managed to get done what I needed to for my projects this week, but really?  Was it that much a shock to my system?

Maybe it’s a sign – don’t fall back into your old habits – enjoy life, life is short.  As I look at my computer screen, I see another sign.  It says today is January 9th.  Yup, it was 8 years ago today Jerry’s life was cut short at only 46.  Weird – now I am 46.  Suddenly that song that goes “signs, signs, everywhere are signs” is running through my head…