Can’t believe it’s the end of March already!  We literally plunged into this new year and have been going strong ever since.  We spent New Year’s Eve on Block Island with friends and headed to the beach for the polar plunge in the morning.  It was the first time for all of us – 6 adults and 9 kids – so fun!  But you know the most fun part was all piling into the Suburban and doing it together – no man, woman, or child left behind.

At the end of January, it was off to St. John.  Although not our first trip there, it was the first time we jumped off the upper deck of the “Willy T” in the British Virgin Islands and the first time I wore a bikini since I was about 4.  So much fun!

Next was another first for me – skiing out west!  In early February, my roommate from college and I headed west to Park City, UT and skied for 3 days.  So beautiful, and amazing how quiet it is when you can’t hear your skis scraping over ice all day (aka New England style skiing).  We skied in a foot of fresh powder for the first time and skied from one side of the huge mountain to the other – exhausting, but fun!

These days people always talk about things on their “bucket list”, especially after experiences with cancer.  For me, these kinds of firsts is what I like.  I don’t need to jump out of an airplane or climb Mt. Everest, no thank you!  I’d rather do a bunch of little things than focus on one big one.  They don’t have to involve travel or extravagant things, it’s your life and it should be personal for you, big or small.  You don’t have to always plan them out, sometimes just fun to discover them in the moment.  Like being in “the pit” at a Bruce Springsteen concert, so close you could almost touch him.

Anyways, the year is shaping up pretty good so far.  My six-month mammogram appointment was uneventful, which is a good thing, and I feel great.  Still hard to believe 3 years ago this week I was counting down to my last bag of chemo.  Amazing!

Well, this has been fun, I am going to try and post more often.  I may even start writing that book I always dreamed of writing, or at least start to think about it…