Wow, I guess it’s been 2 months since I posted anything! After hibernating all winter under 8 feet of snow, I feel like we’ve been chasing summer.  It’s like we are trying to cram a year’s worth of fun into a couple short months.  IMG_0208

I must say we’ve been doing a good job, but time is flying by.  In just the last 6 weeks, there’s been multiple pool parties, Block Island, 4th of July at the Lake, U2, Camping, Weddings, and our annual trip to sunny Southern California.   We are lucky, we have great friends who are a ton of fun and always up for anything.  It’s been FUN!!


Even though my body gives me subtle reminders (ok, maybe the extreme case of poison ivy covering my body for most of July wasn’t so subtle) to slow down a bit, I try to ignore them.  The days are already getting shorter and they’ll be plenty of time to rest come winter.  Plus, it’s not just summer that is short, life is short.  Too short.

There are so many reminders to enjoy life you just need to pay attention.  It’s the first week of August, which means it was 3 years ago my breast cancer battle began.  It all started with the call back from my annual mammogram and went from there.  That year August did not fly by, it was dragged down by biopsies, doctor’s appointments, more biopsies, and whole lot of waiting.  The waiting was the worst…

I don’t dwell on it, but remembering helps keep things in perspective.  People need perspective in their busy, crazy lives – it’s a shame you typically have to go through a horrible experience to get it.   I hope you never have to go there.  Trust me on this one, unfortunately I’ve seen enough to know.  IMG_0299

Anyways, there are five more weeks of summer this year!  We get a “bonus” week with Labor Day being late.  Plenty of time to take a trip, sit by the fire with friends, go to the beach, invite some friends over, spend time with your family, anything!  Go out there and make the most of it, we sure will.