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It’s one week post surgery and I am feeling good. Still home from work, but I am up and about. I have two incision spots from the surgery, one on lefty where they removed the cancer and one under my left arm where they did the lymph node biopsy. As they warned me, the one under my arm is the trouble-maker, it’s just a tough location. It’s healing great, just gets a little sore when I do too much or my clothes rub on it.

Anyways, the appointment with the oncologist got cancelled today because the pathology report from the surgery is not back yet. Arrgh… The pathology report will do a couple things:

(1) confirm the surgeon got “negative margins” around the spots they removed (meaning they got all the cancer and enough good stuff to be sure)

(2) confirm the initial biopsy results as to the type of cancer and tell us if it got into the lymph nodes

(3) give the oncologist enough information to make my treatment plan

So, I wait. Someone will call me to reschedule. I hate waiting. I am a planner by nature, I need a plan. If there is no plan, I make a plan. (If we work together, this is not new news!) Greg calls me “Polly Planner” and let’s me do my thing because he knows that is the only way I can relax and have fun and I love him for it.

Well, that’s the update, eventually someone will call me to set up an appointment, eventually the pathology report will be ready, eventually I will understand my treatment plan and eventually I will kick some breast cancer ass. For now, Polly Planner has to just accept she cannot control what she cannot control…