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Only two more to go, thank god! Still staying active despite the cumulative effect of 18 weeks of chemo trying to kick my ass. I can definitely feel it but try to exercise everyday (except chemo day, even I am not that ambitious) starting with walking the first two post-chemo days and then working my way to spinning classes and then a total conditioning muscle class on Thursdays. They are right, exercise really does help with managing the side-effects of the chemo! Now if only it could make them go away all together…I must admit, I am sick of all this chemo stuff and ready to be done. Two more weeks!

Tuesday I got started on the next phase and met with the radiation oncologist. She explained the whole process and got me all set-up (and tattooed) so I’ll be ready to go. Most women wait at least 4 weeks after chemo to recover and start radiation, no way, not going to happen. We agreed to only two weeks so I can be done around Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer!! This made Polly Planner very happy.

I need 30 radiation treatments over the course of 6 weeks (5 days/week, M-F). The first 22 treatments will be on the entire left breast and the last 8, called the boost, will be targeted right to the spot where the 2 tumors where taken out. Poor lefty will take a beating, but it’s for her own good! With my fair skin and the amount of skin they will be zapping (thanks to my “big ones”), Lefty will likely be very red and sore. So, that’s the plan, I start on Tuesday 4/16 since that Monday is a holiday. Dana-Farber recently built a facility in Milford, MA off I-495, so I’ll do it there and avoid driving into Boston everyday. Sounds like a plan.

For those following along – YES, my hair is still growing! I even felt the shampoo lathering up a bit this week on my head. Color is still kinda hard to tell because very fuzzy, but it looks pretty light to me. 🙂 I dug out this old picture – this what I am shooting for…

That’s the update for today, the cumulative effect of the past 18 weeks is fighting me and my “chemo-brain” right now so I must go. Two more weeks, but who’s counting? Me…