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Here we are, it’s August 2nd. It was a year ago today that I had my annual mammogram. It was a year ago they found the first tumor. I had breast cancer and didn’t even know it, I felt fine. We had just gotten back from our annual Norris pilgrimage to California and summer was in full swing.

Fast forward a year and I am again in California for the annual Norris pilgrimage. Many things are just as they were last year and some things are different, which is OK, that’s life.

I feel pretty good despite all we put my body through in the past year. I’ve been back at work for 7 weeks now and I am back running/training for the half marathon. Yes, I do get tired, very tired, but I need to live my life, it’s the only one I am going to get.

Despite my strong desire to have life completely back to normal, the cancer-patient reminders do creep back in. I’ll be heading home from Cali a little early to stop by Dana-Farber to get my Herceptin infusion, three weeks comes up quick. I get the drug every three weeks and it just wipes me out (and dehydrates me) for a few days then I bounce back.

I’ll deal with all that tomorrow, but today I will enjoy my last day of California living. I’ve already been for a run on The Strand out and around the Manhattan Beach Pier and it’s almost beach time. I won’t dwell on all we have been through in the past year, but instead enjoy the very things we dreamed about doing while stuck in the chemo chair all winter long.