Yup, the countdown is down to “3-2-1”, only three more chemo treatments to go!! Considering what I’ve already done, that is nothing and I can’t wait. Of course, I do wish that would be the end of all this breast cancer stuff, but it’s not. At least, it’s the end of the worst part, the weekly pumping of cancer killing chemicals into my poor beat up right hand. I’ll take it!

Next up will be 6 weeks of radiation (every day M-F), a trip back to the infusion room at Dana-Farber every three weeks for my Herceptin treatment (for the balance of the year), and a daily dose of Tamoxifen (just a pill) for 5 years (maybe 10). All that followed by a long, healthy, fun life with my love and chemo-buddy Greg. Oh yeah – and hair!!

Speaking of hair, it is still growing!! Some debate as to what color it will be, but it is getting more noticeable.

I even shaved my legs this week! It is a strange world I live in where I get super excited about having to shave my legs…

On Tuesday, I have an appointment with the radiation oncologist to get more detail on this next phase. You know Polly Planner, she needs to know exactly what happens next and start getting it scheduled, no time to waste!

So, there we are then, “3-2-1” and I am ok with losing that hour today as it gets me closer to being done all the quicker!