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Finally, Spring is here and everything is in full bloom. And I mean everything! The trees, grass, flowers and my hair! Now 4 weeks post-chemo and my hair is filling in nicely. Still a long way to go but I can now ditch all the hats, scarves and the wig.

I also shed the few eyebrows and eye lashes I was holding on to as tiny new ones have sprung up and are starting to grow in. If only I could get the eye lashes to grow out and up instead of directly (and annoyingly) toward my eye, I’d be in good shape. There are also teeny tiny little blond hairs growing on my arms and so on…

I’m getting used to the daily radiation and have 9 out of the 30 treatments done. I am not sure how or why the radiation makes me tired, but it does, go figure. The chemo is still working it’s way through my system (settling in my joints) and apparently this is the reason I feel like a 100 year old woman when I get out of bed, bend down, lift my arms or move my elbows. The hot flashes and night sweats continue, such fun. But, all in all, I am feeling better and stronger each day!

Plus, WINE is starting to taste good again! Yummy šŸ™‚