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Halfway through my six weeks of radiation therapy! Wahoo!! I’ve got the daily routine down and it’s going well so far. My skin is doing ok, it just makes me tired (which my accountant head still doesn’t understand the science around, but they say it is very common). So, I will just keep plugging along and keep doing what they tell me to…

Friday will be a long day as I am due for for my next Herceptin infusion in Boston, plus blood work and a visit with my oncologist in the morning. Then I’ll need to do radiation in Milford in the afternoon followed by a visit with my radiation oncologist. That’s a day of serious cancer ass kicking!!

Now on to the hair update…coming in nicely (and so soft!). Really grew a lot in the last couple weeks. Here are some new pics:


Yes, I am obsessed with the hair growing, plus my folks just arrived back in NH from the winter in FL and they are curious to see how it looks. 🙂

That’s all the news here, glad it is finally May!