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One of the things I’ve learned along the way is once in a while you just need a treat. So, early last Friday morning instead of getting up to go to chemo, we got up early and went to the airport. It had been 6 long months of surgeries, chemo and crap and we were ready! All we needed was warm sunshine, the beach, some R&R, and a change of scenery. We found it in Sarasota, FL…plus, we found these which were really good too!!

My folks, who are still in Fort Myers for the winter, came up to visit and check on their little girl (that’s me!) Great to see them!

Good news on the hair front – still growing! I needed to tan my head some as it’s getting a little warm for the winter hats. Here’s me with my handsome husband…another week or so and our hair will be the same length.

It was just a quick weekend trip, but certainly did the trick. Good to have fun again! I am still tired and working through residual chemo side-effects, but feeling better each day. I go for my final radiation planning session tomorrow and then get started on Tuesday. Look out cancer cells, we’re coming back after you!!