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Today is April 2nd…6 months since my first lumpectomy surgery (10/2/2012)…8 months since my annual mammogram where they saw the first mass (8/2/2012). Wow, hard to believe! I guess time flies when you are busy kicking cancer’s ass.

Since this has been my “job” for the last six months it’s probably time to do a quick review. What on earth have I been doing? Now that I think back, I guess I have been pretty busy doing stuff, all kinds of stuff:

Medical Stuff
* 2 Mamograms, 2 Ultrasounds, 2 MRIs, 2 Biopsies
* 3 Surgeries
* 2 Echocardiograms
* 8 Weeks Chemotheraphy (every other week) – Adriamycin & Cytoxan (AC)
* 12 Weeks Chemotheraphy (weekly) – Taxol & Herceptin

Annoying Side-Effect Stuff
* Nausea, fatigue, fogginess
* Hair loss (everywhere!)
* Tingling fingers/toes, ringing ears, general fuzziness
* Hot flashes, night sweats
* Bloody noses, weird mouth tastes, dehydration
* Chemo Brain (yes, it’s real!)

Recovery Mode Stuff
* Final Season of Weeds
* 2 Seasons of Homeland
* 2 Seasons of Episodes
* 3 Seasons of Downton Abbey
* 2 Seasons of Scandal
* General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary
* Tons of Seinfeld & Friends Episodes
* So many movies I can’t remember them all
* Countless hours of HGTV

Home Improvement Stuff.
Inspired by the countless hours of HGTV
* New Master Bath Shower
* Replacement/updating of all master bath fixtures (I even replaced faucets myself!)
* Finished decorating hall bathroom
* Painting foyer/stairwell/hallway, plus new stair runner
* Painting & Decorating Spare Room upstairs
* Spray painting shelves, frames, fixtures & anything I can find!

Good For Me Stuff
* Sleeping until 8:30 – 9:00 am
* Walking, Spinning, Muscle Conditioning
* Fruit Smoothies
* Big Salads
* My favorite…snuggling on the couch with Greg & my ducky blanket

Wow, there you are then. There is still more cancer ass kicking for me to do, but the hardest parts are over. I will continue to feel better over the next few weeks as the annoying chemo side-effects subside and will get started on the next steps (Radiation, Herceptin, Tamoxifen).

Thanks to all of you for being there with me – these types of battles are not fought alone. I appreciate all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes plus all the texts…flowers…dinners…lunches…care packages…cards…e-mails…bracelets…books…magazines…hats…scarves…balloons…and of course, the perfectly toasted bagels, warm blankets and cups of ice!! XOXOXO