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Now 7 weeks of chemo to go! As usual we got in and out of Dana-Farber early, except today, everyone else did too. They rescheduled the afternoon patients to the morning so they would get everyone out of there by noon. It was a well-oiled assembly line of chemo…

Now we’re hunkering down for the big blizzard! For me, it’ll be no different than any other post-chemo Friday afternoon/night, but exciting nonetheless. I like a big storm, if it’s going to snow I’d rather get dumped 2 feet and shut everything down.

There was so much talk this week of the Blizzard of ’78 and it’s devastating effects. As a 9 year old, it was simply awesome! No power, no school, nobody in or out of Lordship – no problem! Everyone was out and about and we’d walk on the snow piles on the sides of the road (they were taller than we were). I remember trying to walk down the street to the beach with my dad, sister and our neighbor and the wind kept literally knocking me down, it was fun. I remember fetching a lot of beers as our kitchen was party central as usual. It was a week of winter wonderland, an awesome playground, at least that’s how I remember it.

Well, they keep upping the snow fall predictions for today. I think we’re going to get almost 30 inches – Wrentham/Foxboro looks like the sweet spot for this storm! You can hear the excitement in the voices of the weather folks. Kinda funny. It’s starting to kick up a bit out there now…

So, there you are then, time to hunker down with my ducky and my love. I am still looking forward to Spring, but for today time to enjoy a big winter storm!