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Despite this cold I’ve been fighting, my blood counts amazingly remain in good shape, so round 4 of weekly chemo is DONE! Since I am very tired and full of cancer ass kicking chemicals, I don’t think I can string together a series of coherent, witty thoughts. Instead, here are 20 random thoughts in no particular order:

20 – I now have only 8 weekly chemo treatments to go!

19 – My favorite number has always been 8. I was born in 1968, graduated high school in 1986. You should see my social security number (but I will not show you).

18 – It is now Feb. 1st and I will be done with chemo next month!

17 – My oncologist said today that I am doing “really, really well, better than most”. I said “kind of like a rock star?”, she said “yes”. This makes me happy.

16 – A big tree fell in our front yard Wed. night from the crazy wind. Thankfully, no one was hurt and nothing damaged, just a few neighbors late to work as it laid across the road while we slept in.

15 – A friend from work sent me Yankee Candle’s new Spring fragrances, loving the Black Coconut!

14 – Not a fan of the new American Idol judges and said I wasn’t going to watch this year, but it seems like any true addict, I just can’t stop. Greg too! (sorry babe)

13 – I tape Scandal on Thursday nights so I have something to look forward to Friday post-chemo. It does not disappoint. Love it!

12 – I want the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl, simply because John Harbaugh seems like the nicer brother.

11 – We heard on the TV this morning that a ticket to the Super Bowl costs $1,200, that is ridiculous!

10 – Once again, Greg was an awesome Chemo Buddy today. I just love him…

9 – I like that it is 4:30 pm and still bright daylight.

8 – Hot flashes, a side-effect of the chemo, are annoying.

7 – My eyelashes and eyebrows are still hanging in there, barely, but I’ll take it.

6 – I finally had all our Howe family home movies (1967 – 1977) converted to DVD so we could watch them, very cool.

5 – Three things stood out in the home movies: (a) just like I remembered, summers at the lake were the BEST (b) we spent ALOT of time ice skating as kids (c) I have always LOVED an audience!

4 – Apparently, I had a nice full head of blond hair about a month after being born. Taking that as a good sign with hopes for a repeat performance this May.

3 – I still want to lose 15 pounds by the time I finish with all this breast cancer stuff. I still have a long way to go. Diet starts Monday!

2 – Today the doc gave me cough syrup with codeine, yum. Looking forward to sleeping tonight and my cold being gone soon!

1 – Yesterday I read The Chris & Stephaine Spielman Story – That’s Why I’m Here. It was very good. I hope someday I find a meaningful way to give back and do some good given the experiences I’ve had…