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Daylight is sticking around to almost 5:00 pm. Commercials for The Masters have begun. And Chemo weeks remaining are now down to single digits, 9 more to go! That puts me halfway through my 20 week “sentence” and means Spring is on it’s way…

Even my bald head has sprung a little peach fuzz giving me hope for what’s to come.

You have to look very closely to see it, but it’s there, I can feel it. I know it won’t amount to anything until I finish the chemo, but it’s there nonetheless.

I’ve been doing well, plugging through my weekly treatments, but it seems now despite my efforts to avoid germs, I (like everyone else) have a cold. So, because I can and I should, I will take it easy and rest. I need to get healthy again by Friday – Polly Planner is not a big fan of delays!