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Here it is Friday again, so bright and early this morning off to Chemo we went. Me and my Chemo Buddy…

Up and out at the crack of dawn we go for the first appointment of the day. It’s painful when the alarm goes off 3 hours before I normally get up, but it’s worth it. Less traffic, window seat in the infusion room and Greg can still get some work done in the afternoon.

By now we have the routine down in the infusion room. I am a princess and my Chemo Buddy is awesome. I get a comfy recliner and a warm blanket and he gets a desk chair. Once the drugs start flowing he goes to the cafeteria to get me a diet coke, with a cup of ice, and a toasted bagel with butter. He helps me in and out of the chair, watches my silly morning shows (until I fall asleep) and gets me home safe and sound. But the best part is just having him there with me…

Two of the weekly treatments are done, so only 10 to go! They still pump me full of drugs for hours at a time, but there is no nausea and that’s awesome. I get very sleepy and there are other side effects, but they are certainly manageable without the week of nausea and “fogginess”. Plus, I need some side effects so I know it’s working!!

Fridays are a long day and even without the nausea, the couch and last night’s Scandal is about all I can handle when I get home. So, in true retired rock star fashion, our Friday nights are now very low key…just me & my Chemo Buddy…and that’s ok (of course, until we start our summer of fun)!