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Merry Christmas! I feel good today, my chemo hangover is finally gone. That means I am officially done with my 3rd round of the AC combo chemo, only one more to go! There is definitely a cumulative effect to this stuff and each round has dragged on a little longer, but I haven’t let that stop me (not the first weekend I was tired with a nagging dull headache). I was so excited to have plans that did not include the couch!

Friday a couple friends from work drove all the way from Western Mass to take me to lunch. Saturday the Bentley Girls came for our annual Christmas Swap and Sunday my family came by for pizza and the Pats! Good stuff!

So, now it’s on to Christmas and then the New Year. Looking forward to getting to the next phase of my treatment plan in January. Polly Planner not only likes having a Plan, she also likes being able to check things off when complete.

Tomorrow is Christmas. We’ll spend some time with my folks (who flew up from FLA for the week), my sister, and her family. It’ll be good, my family is awesome, I am lucky. Plus, I got my sister a gift I think she will really like, so I am excited to give it to her and that’s fun.

Merry Christmas to you all…have fun!