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A quick update from the fog…please excuse any typos and/or nonsense as my chemo brain is still quite a pile of mush. My 3rd round of chemo went well Friday (and yes we made it on time) and I am working through the after-effects. I’ve got a couple more days of feeling like crap and living through the fog, but by the end of the week I should feel back to normal and be able to enjoy Christmas during my “recovery week”.

Once I get through this week, I only have one more round of this type of chemo on the 28th! Then in January I start the next phase of my chemo, this time weekly. It will be two different drugs (Taxol & Herceptin) and they tell me it’s “less harsh” (whatever that means), which is why I can do it weekly. For 12 weeks…

So, for now I continue to fight through the fog with a little help from the couch, my ducky blanket and a lot of TV because that is what seems to work. I’ve been learning what helps and what doesn’t. So far the doesn’t column includes reading, moving through screens on my iPhone and iPad and the bright yellow ticker scrolling through the bottom of the Fox News screen.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back in a couple days! 🙂