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So, I had to change the name of the blog. As it turns out I do not have a flat head. What I have is a tiny little pea head! Yes, it’s true. When you take all that hair away, what felt like the flat spot, is actually just the whole back of my head and it is TINY. It’s kind of funny, at least we think so.

It’s been almost two weeks since I shaved my head and although I do still have some hair left, it is disappearing rapidly. It’s like male pattern baldness in hyper-speed. (I’d like to take this moment to thank my parents for my nice, in-proportion, close to my head ears. I’ve thanked them for many things they passed down to me, but never my ears and I think it’s time.) Here’s what my tiny little pea head looks like now:


Greg keeps laughing at me because it seems every time I come down from upstairs I look different. Sometimes I am just my badass bald self, sometimes I’ve got the wig flowing, plus there are multiple hats and about four different head scarves I’ve been trying out. After all, a girl has got to define her “look”. I’m just trying to figure out what feels right for me…

This week I am tapping into my inner rock star and rockin’ the head scarves, plus my head is too itchy for the wig with all the little hairs falling out. What do you think?


So, that’s the latest update. Gotta go, time to make a lasagna so we have some food this weekend when I feel like crap. The clock is ticking and Friday’s chemo blast will be here before I know it…