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The fog has cleared and I’m back! My week of feeling like crap and just kind of “being there” in a fog is now OVER! Now I get rewarded with a week of feeling better. Lots to do before we start over again next Friday.

First up is to think about some Christmas shopping, somehow it is suddenly December 6th! Wow, how did that happen? Although I do feel better, just thinking about the mall brings back the nausea, so we’ll skip that. Online it is! That’ll keep me busy for a while.

Then I’ve got to get back to the things I promised myself I’d do while I’m home kicking cancer’s ass. Working long hours for the past 22 years has been a great excuse, but I am not working right now and I need to cross a few more things off my “list” this week while I feel better. Most of these are small annoying little projects that I’ve been ignoring for years. For example, the wooden knobs on our bedroom dressers no longer fall off all the time thanks to a quick trip to Lowe’s and a dab of Plastic Wood. I am proud to say it’s been a couple weeks since I stepped on one with my bare feet, it feels good. (Don’t tell Greg they were loose for many years and I actually moved them here like that 3 years ago…)

Anyways, there are some bigger projects on the “list”. I’ve got 15 pounds that needs to come off and I figure if I can’t do that while going through chemo and not working then I am in trouble. This morning I was down almost 5 pounds, which is good, as long as it stays off. I figure it should, I try to do an hour of some exercise a day, the hair had to be worth something and there has to be some reward for the lack of beer and wine in my diet…

So, I better get to it…it’s good to be back, but the clock is ticking and next Friday will be here before I know it.