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Chemo #2 today. Early morning appointment to get it over with. All went smoothly, except “miss punctual” was 15 minutes late…even after the quickest shower of my life! I hate being late, it stresses me out more than chemo. Wasn’t really our fault, why is there so much traffic at 6:15 am? We thought we were ahead of the rush hour traffic. Seriously, how do people do that everyday and so early? I’ve been spoiled working in Western Mass so long…

Anyways, we got there at 7:00 am and got started with the cancer ass kicking process. It is a process – first the IV goes in, they take blood and I go see my oncologist. She checks me, Lefty and my blood counts out and sends us over to the infusion area. Having an early appointment paid off and I got a room with a view!

We were home by noon and I’m just hanging out in my chemo fog. Seriously, my brain is mush!. I’d end with something witty, but the fog is still too thick…