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Yup, two baldies!


Today was the appointment to get my head shaved and pick up my wig. So, Amy & I headed back to Boston and got it done. Wow, it felt good, totally different but good. Perfect timing too as this morning I put the comb through my wet hair and it was everywhere! The docs said it would start to fall out about 2 weeks after the first chemo treatment, so in true control-freak fashion I made a plan and cut it ALL off before it could fall out. After all, I am in charge of the way I look, not this stupid cancer!!

When I got home I discovered I wasn’t the only one who was bald!! Greg had gone and got his head shaved too! Now we have two baldies in the house…xoxo.

Of course, I have my rockin’ wig for when I’m not in a Sinead O’Connor kind of mood.