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I’ve always loved my birthday. Being a November baby and always one of the youngest in my class I’d look forward to it all year long. I was relentless with the countdown and always managed to turn it into “birthday week”. As I’ve gotten older I’ve toned it down some, but I still love it. Why not? It’s the only day I get to celebrate ME, after all, even Hallmark hasn’t been able to get traction on a “Stepmother’s Day”!

So, yesterday there was much to celebrate. Of course there was my 44th birthday, but also a HUGE win by the King Phillip Warrior Football Team!! For those that don’t know, King Phillip (KP) is our local high school and my husband Greg is one of the coaches. They are now 9-1 for the season as they beat a tough league rival yesterday in a big game. Their freshman kicker nailed a field goal with 11 seconds left in the game to win, 16-14…wow.

Given it was my birthday, we had volunteered for the after-party. Thank god they won! The coaches and wives are a great group, really good friends and so much fun. Time to celebrate. When we arrived back at the house, the cable was out. Yup, throughout the whole house, much to my husband’s dismay. What, no college football games to watch? Say it isn’t so!

Well, it didn’t really matter. After all, we had much to celebrate. There ended up being a little singing, even a little dancing and a lot of laughing. Good friends, good times! To protect the innocent, I will post only this one picture:

All in all a great night, although we have heard some reports of a strange stomach flu going around town this morning. I am pretty sure it wasn’t my meatballs…