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It’s been a quiet week here as I focus on getting Lefty to heal properly. I am no doctor, although I do think I could play one on TV, but she is doing much better, not ready for chemo yet better, but a big improvement. We’ll see what the real doctor says tomorrow…I really want to get this show on the road next Friday as I can’t have these treatments cutting into our summer. We got 6 inches of snow yesterday and looks like the middle of winter outside, so a good time to hunker down for a cancer fight!

Anyways, last week it was time to do some wig shopping. My hair will fall out about 2 weeks after my first chemo treatment, so right now we are looking at about a week after Thanksgiving. At Dana-Farber they recommended The Salon at 10 Newbury where the owner has a hair replacement program that helps many young women going through chemo.

So, I grabbed my sister Amy and off we went. Amy is actually the perfect partner for this kind of mission, she is my bossy big sister and would never let me make a bad decision. She tells it like it is and is great in tough situations. This is a proven fact (and a very good thing)! 🙂

It was kinda fun, I tried a few different options, even a brunette. (Sorry, Leeann it just didn’t feel like me!). We knew we found the right one when I liked it better than my own hair, and I like my hair! It’s a little longer and straighter than my hair and has bangs. The bangs make me look younger, I’d say 7-8 years, so with my 44th birthday approaching at lightening speed – SOLD!



Now I can’t wait to wear it…hopefully we’ll get invited to some Christmas parties so I can get wiggy with it!