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Lefty took back her trooper status and we made the trek to Western Mass Tuesday afternoon. I had to cross a few things off my pre-chemo checklist with my dentist and doctors out there, plus a good opportunity to take in all that is good about Western Mass…

Of course, there was Joe’s Pizza in Northampton, for our usual Tuesday girl’s night out. Great to hang out with Hope & Rebecca with Little Joe #5’s all around and a couple glasses of wine! It’s no coincidence I planned my appointments so I would be there on Tuesday night!!

Next stop, my home away from home, Yankee Candle. Great to see everyone, a fabulous company and fabulous friends!! You know you spend 10 hours a day, 5 days a week for 11 years with people and they become more than just friends, they are part of my family and I miss them.

So, after I finished up my appointments it was time to head back home. We are going to have a tough few months ahead, so I wanted to bring Greg back HIS favorite part of Western Mass to help him through.

Yup, the second best product that comes out of tiny South Deerfield, MA – Berkshire Brewing Company Steel Rail Pale Ale!! The perfect co-pilot for the ride home.