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I’ve been laying low for the last couple of days. Hour after hour on the couch with plenty of football and storm updates to keep me busy. Imagine that – it seems to be working! You see yesterday morning Lefty decided to send me a message. Apparently, after 3 surgeries in the last 4 weeks she wasn’t feeling the love…

Not sure what exactly pissed her off, but the icing on the cake could have been the 5 mile walk Saturday afternoon. (For the record, the docs did tell me I need to exercise and for now walking is my only option.) Anyways, the body is funny, it doesn’t like open spaces, so it fills them with fluid. Well with the tides rising, the moon nearly full and storm pressures coming up the East Coast, good old Lefty wanted in on the action. For those of you who don’t want TOO much information I won’t go into detail, but Greg put on his galoshes, I stuffed tissues in my bra for the first time ever and we had a couple good laughs.

The doctor said it was normal and was right, inactivity is doing the trick. Hopefully, Lefty appreciates the love and can go back to being a trooper quickly – we’ve got a busy week ahead!

Tomorrow, I go into pre-chemo mode. I need to head out to Western Mass for a bunch of appointments with my dentist, gyn, etc. that need to be done before they start pumping my body full of chemicals. And of course I need to see Hope, my roomie, I miss her! Mom & Amy are going wig shopping with me on Thursday and Friday all the fun begins.

So, here I am on the couch, resting and hoping a tree does not fall on our house!!