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I LOVE birthdays. I always have. It’s your day, it’s fun. It should be fun, it’s a celebration of your life. You only get one life, so you should celebrate it. It’s not complicated.

My love for birthdays started early. It may be because of my November birthday, it may be because I grew up in the era when a November birthday made you one of the youngest in the class, it may be because I just loved the attention. Over the years, I have progressed from requiring “birthday month” to “birthday week” to at least “birthday weekend”. Come on, the least you can do is a “birthday weekend”. For one weekend it’s all about you, you can do whatever you want. If you’ve never tried it, you should.

Yesterday was Greg’s birthday. He got a “birthday weekend”, but I wanted to make sure we celebrated properly on the actual day, even though it was a Tuesday (another perk of being at home all week!). As I was trying to figure out a worthy birthday celebration on a Tuesday night I realized the Red Sox were in town, it was a start, but how do I make it more special. Greg worked for the Red Sox in the early nineties, so we are lucky enough to have experienced most of the park. The one place I’ve never sat is the “Bud Deck” out in right field, and it always looked like fun up there, like a big party. Perfect. Surely, Spring would be in full bloom by the last week of April…right? So, I bought a table of 4 and invited two of Greg’s buddies to join us.

Now, all winter when the thermometer was stuck on 4 degrees here in New England, we would have killed for a 44 degree day. We would have gone outside in a sweatshirt and done a happy dance. At the end of April, 44 degrees feels cold and raw, like winter. If you’ve ever wondered what the windiest part of Fenway Park is – it’s the Bud Deck in Right Field. We bundled up like we were going to a Pats game…we had a GREAT time!

Greg's Birthday on the Bud Deck - 4/29/14

Greg’s Birthday on the Bud Deck – 4/29/14

It’s a cool place to watch the game, beautiful views up there. The Red Sox finally got a run in the bottom of the 5th inning and then broke it open in the 6th with 5 runs. Thank goodness, it was fun, but we got home in time to see the last inning.

It was what a birthday should be, it was a celebration, a celebration of Greg’s life. You should tell everyone it’s your birthday, be proud of it. You should have cake and you should make a wish when you blow out the candles, birthday wishes come true. You should be HAPPY about “the number”, not everyone gets there. You should have someone sing “Happy Birthday to You”…click here to see how it’s done, complete with a spontaneous little happy dance! 🙂 I love birthdays!