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I originally started writing this yesterday afternoon about our rock-star weekend in New York City. The title was “Hellva Town, Hellva Time”. Greg & I went for a long weekend and did it all – saw NCAA March Madness Games at Madison Square Garden, ate a cow at the Carnegie Deli, took in the sunset from top of the Empire State Building, walked through Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and achieved a goal of 20 bars in 3 days!

NYC from Empire State Building

NYC from Empire State Building

Yesterday I was writing, but I just couldn’t seem to capture what was so special about the weekend. So, I left to go meet two of my favorite people for dinner. (They will remain nameless because we felt like we were cheating on our other friends.) It was perfect, they are so easy to be with. We met the first day of college and have been friends ever since. For 2 + hours we drank wine, ate seafood, and chatted non-stop, about just everything. We were at a restaurant in Braintree, but could have been just about anywhere, it didn’t matter. So fun!

This morning I went back to writing and I realized the NYC weekend was so awesome because yes, it is one of my favorite places, but I was sharing it with some of my favorite people. Greg & I had both been to The Big Apple before, but never together. This was our first time together and that made it better. We always have fun together and this was a big playground. Our bar-hopping goal of 20 different bars was just something we came up with Thursday night on the way to the Empire State Building, after we stopped twice along the way.

The basketball games were Friday night and Sunday afternoon, so that left all day Saturday for Polly Planner to work with. We had lunch at Pete’s Tavern, with my step-daughters Casey & Erin (Jerry’s girls). They are two of my favorite people, now 26 & 25, both living in The City That Never Sleeps. Actually it was the first time Greg met them and they are a hoot! We spent a few hours with them (and Casey’s boyfriend) and honestly could’ve stayed all night. So fun!

Saturday night we had dinner with my ex-roomie Hope, another one of my favorite people. She was in town with a friend for the weekend and it was so good to see her. It’s only been a few weeks, but I miss her and our nightly chats about just everything, important or not… Again, we sat in a booth for a few hours, ate, drank, and could’ve stayed all night. So fun!

Greg was a great sport with all the girl time and it made it more special with him part of it. After all, he too is one of my favorite people. So, that’s my story of our weekend in NYC. I am continually surprised that I feel better and better each day. A good time had by all! And congratulations to the UConn Huskies who proved you should never count out an underdog when playing in one of their favorite places, surrounded by their favorite people…

Bar #20 - New York City, March 2014

Bar #20 – NYC, March 2014