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Not sure where the time goes, but it is flying by. Since I haven’t posted in a while, I thought I’d share some perspective on my week which illustrates my world lately. Actually, I’ve been alternating between two very different worlds.

Monday through Thursday I spent out in Candle-land doing my “Corporate Executive” gig. It is our busy season and this week was Budget Meeting week, which makes it our busy, busy season. So, what does that mean? It means long days, long meetings, and a lot of people running around stressed out facing deadlines. Everyone gets all in a tisy, but really it’s just a process.

Then Friday I spent most of the day at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute doing my “Cancer Patient” gig. Three weeks go by quickly and it was time for my Herceptin treatment again. It was a long day, Iots of appointments, and a big bag of drugs into my hand. I couldn’t help but notice though that in this world where there was also a lot people around, most who were probably feeling stress and some facing some pretty critical deadlines, there was nobody was running around in a tisy.

Cancer-ass kicking is also a process. It’s been a long year and I am certainly ready to be done. I only have three more Herceptin treatments and will finish on December 27th, just in time for the new year!! I can’t wait.

So, that is the tale of my two worlds. I try very hard to keep them as separate as possible, but it is really hard. I must shut one off to deal with the other and vice versa. They are different worlds, but one of them certainly helps keep the other in perspective.