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Another busy week…I was traveling in Canada for a few days this week for work. Thursday night I flew home and had to do another quick change from corporate executive back to cancer-patient. Friday was “Mammo Day”. My first mammogram since last August when they found the tumors.

A full day of appointments and taking my shirt off every time I walk into a room. First, I saw my oncologist. My heart and blood work are good, my body is still recovering from the chemo and I need to keep getting the Herceptin treatments until I complete a year in early January. All this I already knew…but good to check in anyways.

Then I saw my surgeon. Lefty is healing nicely and has come a long way from the days when the nickname “Leaky Lefty” came about. She cut me loose; I don’t need to go back and see her.

Finally, a mammogram, the first look inside since my surgeries. ALL CLEAN!!!!

Yup, that says “No Cancer”. Although not a huge surprise given the 3 surgeries, 20 weeks of chemo, the Herceptin treatments and 6 weeks of radiation (nothing could have lived through all that!), still good to see in writing!!!!

So, tomorrow it’s back to Candleland knowing I am cancer free. 🙂