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Life is starting to get back to normal. It’s now been 11 months since my mamogram last year when they saw the “suspicious mass”, 3 months since I finished chemo and almost 6 weeks since I finished radiation. I haven’t been updating as often because I have been busy with life…

~ I am back at work and back on the Mass Pike.

~ I am back training for the Providence Rock n Roll Half Marathon (9/29).

~ I am back doing Bikram yoga.

~ I am back having fun with my hubby on the weekends.

I am certainly no rock star yet, but good to back to some normalcy. Of course, there is nothing that feels more normal than being at my parent’s lake for 4th of July weekend. In the past 44 summers there have only been a couple that I did not spend up at the lake and I regretted not being here. It is part of who I am and I love it here (and thankfully so does Greg)!


So far it’s been a perfect summer weekend with sunning, swimming, boating, floating, running, kayaking and LOBSTAH!! We picked up lobsters and steamers on the way up for the 4th and they were yummy. It’s the perfect place for a lobster feast where you can cook them and eat them outside, get all messy and buttery and then just jump in the lake.


Well the sun is starting to burn through the morning clouds, so it’s time to get my pink beach chair down to the dock, get all the float and boats ready and have a wonderfully normal day. It’s good to be back!