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Wahoo! It’s a happy day when Polly Planner gets to check another big thing off her list. So, here it goes:

2 Mamograms – DONE
2 Ultrasounds – DONE
2 Biopsies – DONE
3 Surgeries – DONE
20 Weeks of Chemo – DONE
6 Weeks of Radiation – DONE

I just got back from my last radiation treatment complete with confetti and a little diploma! Yea!!

After much R&R this weekend the burns under my left arm and Lefty are better. The last 8 treatments were targeted right to the area where the tumors were removed last October so the burned areas were left to heal. But now I am done and the tumor area can start to heal too…check.

Tomorrow I’ll start taking the Tamoxifen pills and Friday it’s back to Dana-Farber for another Herceptin infusion (10 to go), but the hardest parts are now behind me. I’ve got a few more weeks of recuperation (and doctor appointments) and then it’s back to candleland for me.

I can’t wait to be able to say I’M DONE, but for now I’ll celebrate one more thing coming off my cancer ass kicking agenda. Seriously, there is NO way those little f**ckers (aka cancer cells) stand a chance…