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Greg always says…”it’s days like these champions are made”. So, despite being super sleepy, sore and swollen this morning I got my butt out of bed and went to the 8:30 Total Conditioning class at the gym. It’s the toughest class of the week, but my favorite. The girl that teaches is loud and a little crazy, but I like her (plus, there is something about her that I can’t quite put my finger on that reminds me of my friend Katey).

I am glad I went, she kicked my ass and it felt good! I did have to modify a few things and take some breaks (which of course I hate), but it still counts. Greg is a good coach, no wonder his football players love him. I am working hard to get in shape and get stronger and healthier. I will have to go back to work soon and from what I hear I will need to be tough.

I’ve now got 22 out of 30 radiation treatments done, only 8 to go! I can definitely feel the fatigue they warned me about and I am starting to get pretty sore where they are zapping me. This is what it looks like under my left arm right now – ouchie:

See why I wanted to stay in bed this morning? I AM A CHAMPION!!!