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Another chemo down, only 5 more to go and yes, you can count 5 on one hand! During this weekly chemo we only see my oncologist every 3 weeks, with yesterday being one of the days. I like her – she is young, smart and very nice – and she is starting to figure me out.

She examines me, we talk about what side-effects I am experiencing and they monitor my weekly blood counts. Lefty continues to heal nicely, my side-effects are pretty typical and my blood counts are holding up really well. She says I am doing really well, really, really well. In fact, better than most, a super-star and at the “top of the class”. Bingo! This of course, is music to my competitive ears. Now going into the final chemo stretch, my own March Madness, I know I am the #1 seed and that makes me happy.

Speaking of being the best, tomorrow is Oscar Sunday. For those of us who prefer People magazine and E! News after a long week of work and the other stresses of life (you know who you are), it is the Super Bowl. It’s silly, but it is fun. I guess this year I will be competing for “best dressed” in the chemo patient category as I watch the show. I will be wearing my gray yoga pants by Green Apple, gray hooded sweatshirt by Under Armour and hair by Dana-Farber…

So, that’s all that is going on here – still plugging through my treatments and still trying to be the best at anything and everything. 🙂