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There we are then. One chemo treatment down, still too many to go to start counting down yet. How do I feel? I feel ok, kinda like I had one too many glasses of wine last night, when in fact I didn’t have the pleasure of any. I feel a little off, foggy, but that’s ok…

I am sure if I wanted to feel sick, I could, but I don’t. This morning my friend Tricia picked me up for Greg’s final JV football game of the season (her husband Mike is the other coach). Another win for the KP JV team who went undefeated this season, 10-0!! Congratulations! Greg is the head coach of the JV and an assistant at varsity who play their final game Thanksgiving morning.

Speaking of Greg, he’s a trooper too! Been right beside me through all this breast cancer garbage and I don’t know what I’d do without him. It’s a job I unfortunately have a lot of experience with so I understand more than most what it’s like and it is not easy. I am pretty sure it’s not what he imagined when he picked me up for our first date ever, 28 years ago tonight.

Yup, it was November 17, 1984, the Saturday after my 16th birthday. I don’t have a picture but I remember exactly what I was wearing – my favorite yellow angora sweater with shoulder pads and striped jeans that snapped across the front – it was the mid-80s! Anyways, that started a long and winding (sometimes dramatic) love affair with many starts and stops, that I am now confident will last a lifetime.

These were taken right around that time:

He is the love of my life and my best friend. The vows we took 3 years ago said “in sickness and in health”, so every Friday for the next 5 months we’ll do this chemo drill together. Then we’ll get back to our fun, carefree lives doing the things we love. So, there we are then.