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It’s Groundhog Day – off to Faulkner Hospital we went this morning, same drill and a lot of familiar faces. All went well again, and hopefully this time they got it ALL! I want it gone…

So, here I am – couch, ice pack, ducky – take 3!


Time to catch up on my silly shows again. Last week I caught up on Parenthood and Private Practice, both of which I’ve always liked, but 10 o’clock shows for me usually only last until the commercial break about 20 minutes in…

This season on Parenthood the blond woman has breast cancer. I was warned by my friends in advance, but started watching anyways. It’s a good show and it’s not my style to avoid the tough stuff, I’ve learned to confront it. Plus, in case you have been living under a rock for the month of October, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is EVERYWHERE! Seriously, everywhere.

So, I watched last night’s episode when I got home this afternoon. She went in for her lumpectomy surgery, she did OK, but she is no pro like me. 🙂 After all, today was my 3rd!!! She also had a 1.3 cm tumor that they found on her annual mammogram. (OK, I actually ended up with 2 tumors, but it’s not a competition and I get the show is not real.). The kicker came at the end of the show when she got the pathology results and she is HER2 positive, just like me.

Next week on the show she’ll start her chemo, just like me. I can’t help but watch, not sure why, maybe It’s comforting to see someone else go through the same stuff, maybe I’m freakishly competitive and want to prove I can do this better, or maybe it’s just like a car wreck and impossible to look away. In any event, I understand the show is not real, but with 1 in 8 women getting breast cancer these days, I bet there is some woman in that writer’s room pouring her heart and story out on that screen. I thank her…