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You would think after everything I’ve been through I’d be used to The Plan never really being the real plan. I should have learned. Maybe I did learn, I just forgot. Anyways, the surgeon called this morning with the pathology results from last week’s surgery…

Surgery again! #3 will happen on Wednesday. Even though she took a little extra for good measure, we didn’t get clear margins, one more little speck to go!

We know the drill – off to Faulkner Hospital, surgical wear, sleepy drugs, recovery room, ginger ale & a corn muffin and an ice pack to go.

Anyways, this pushes my chemo schedule a week which will now start Friday, November 2nd. Polly Planner will just have to adjust. I need to stay focused on my 3 main goals right now:

#1 – Live another healthy 40 years
#2 – Save Lefty (a real trooper, she deserves it!)
#3 – Get treatments done by May and not mess up my summer

So, that’s the story, at least what the doctors are telling me…Greg thinks they need to go back in for a lost Junior Mint!