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If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that life can change quickly, sometimes good, sometimes bad. There are few things in my life that have remained a constant for over 25 years. Of course there is my ducky blanket, but more importantly are the Bentley Girls. You’ve all seen them at my major life events, they are always there. They are the 10 beautiful girls that seem to travel in a pack.

It all began in the late 80’s in the Tree dorms, the 5th floor of Brook Hall and a few keg parties along the way. It was the days of big hair, big earrings, big metal bands and for us big friendships. Four or five girls living together in a small 2 bedroom apartment with one bathroom allows you to REALLY get to know your roommates! Whether we were all in the same room, across the hall, down hall or in another building our dorm apartments were interchangeable (thanks to the combination locks!!). Many of us continued to live together after college until the husbands started getting in the way. 🙂

We still try to get together for dinner a few times a year to catch up, wonder how we got to be in our 40’s and laugh. Well, last night we got together for one of our dinners (thanks to Sue & Dan for hosting) and it was just what the doctor ordered. Really good stuff.

So, no medical news to report today, just a shout out to the Bentley Girls. Thank you for always being there and for knowing me as well as I know myself!