It’s funny, although I’ve settled nicely into my new “not working life” over the past year, I find I can snap myself back into professional mode pretty quickly.  It’s like riding a bike.

I’ve been doing a couple small consulting projects this winter to keep myself busy, but not too busy.  It’s great – I work around my schedule, a few hours here and there, and do it mostly from home.  Oh yeah, and they pay me.

Last Friday afternoon I had to go back out to Yankee Candle (one of my projects!) for a meeting.  So, I went for my morning workout, showered, and then hit auto-pilot.  Next thing I know I was back in my work clothes, my work bag was packed, and I was making the trek down the Mass Pike.  I’ve done it hundreds of times before, the only difference was I parked in the Visitor lot.

Just being in the building, some old habits surfaced pretty quickly.  As a walked through the lobby, I could see the break-room down the hall and thought about Diet Coke.  That vending machine has the coldest Diet Cokes ever, and I like them cold!  Well, I did, until I gave them up last year.  June 1st to be exact.  It was just too much of a daily habit for me, they are really not very good for you, and the caffeine was raising hell with the hot flashes.  So I went cold turkey.  I’ve survived 10 months without a problem, but back in that building for 2 minutes and I wanted one.  I kept walking and it passed, until 2 hours later when we took a break in the meeting, and again 2 hours later when I was leaving.  I held off, but it would have been nice for the trip back home…

Now it was 5 o’clock on Friday and I was making the trek down the Mass Pike.  Auto-pilot.  I just kept thinking – thank god I don’t have to make this trip every week anymore.  As I walked into the house at 6:45, the routine was all too familiar.  The good news was the meeting was productive and my brain still works.

Yesterday morning I was up and out for a meeting at another client down in Providence.  Alarm went off at 7 am, auto-pilot came on for the “get ready for work” routine, and next thing I know I am back in professional mode and ready to go.  On this project, my friend is the lead and I am helping her out, it’s her client.  That’s where I need to be careful of old habits – I am used to being the boss, running the meetings, and being in charge – now I just need to stick to my role, which is fine.  She’s great, it’s interesting stuff, and there was no Diet Coke temptation!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately.  No work projects today, just catching up on my to-do list and waiting for the weather to break – it’s coming!  Mother Nature should go back to some of her old habits – like April being Spring…