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We’ve finally got a slow melt going on outside.  It may take another month but the snow will go away.  Like the snow, time seems to be melting away.  It’s now been a year since I left my job and moved home with my handsome hubby.  It was a really good year and I have no regrets, I love being home, but it went quick.

Speaking of the handsome hubby – spring is coming which means someone has a birthday coming.  48 – it’s a good number, but getting awfully close to 50 (sorry babe, but I am right behind you)!   I know it’s just a number, but why do they seem to be increasing so quickly lately?  I don’t care, he will always be 18 to me.

Despite February feeling like it lasted forever, the months are really flying by.  Suddenly it was the first week of March and I was due for another dose of reality – mammogram time.  This was the 6-month follow-up on Righty (the good one!).  Click here for the story on the last Mammo DayEverything was fine, the calcifications they are watching are stable and look benign, back in 6-months to look at both of them.

Just walking into the Dana-Farber building brings back all those early Friday chemo mornings two winters ago like they were yesterday.  My right hand starts twitching, like “oh, no, no more drugs” and the smells really put me right back in that chemo chair.  It’s the detergent and cleaning agents.  As soon as I put on the johnnie I smell the blankets in the infusion room and using the rest room reminds of navigating around with my chemo pole for the lovely red pee…what can I say, it true.

It is hard to believe it’s been two years already since I was obsessively counting down to my last chemo treatment and was so excited to see some hair growing back!  It’s Funny – here is my post from 2 years ago today – 3-2-1 – I was just saying the other day, I think my hair is back to the way it was.

Two years ago today - I thought I had hair!!
Two years ago today – I thought I had hair!!
Today - back to normal!
Today – back to normal!

Enough worrying about how fast time is melting away and time to start planning our Spring & Summer.  I feel like we’ve been hibernating for the last 6 weeks and it’s time to get some things on the calendar.  Polly Planner is on it!