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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  Not sure where the time went.  There were fall house & yard projects to be finished while it was still warm. There were errands to run and things to organize.  There were Patriots games. There was the new patio/firepit project to supervise.  There were fun nights out involving a cowbell, dancing, and a lot of laughter.  There are morning trips to the gym.  But, I must admit, mostly we are just caught up in King Philip Football!!

I know, really high school football?  We don’t even have kids in high school.  But, this is Greg’s sixth season coaching at the local high school, and he loves it!  He is an Assistant Coach for Varsity and is the Head JV Coach.  I love it too.  He coaches with a great group of guys and the wives are awesome, too!  It’s fun.

It’s especially fun this year, now 9-0, going into the South Division playoff finals tomorrow night.  They are on quite a roll.  Since I am not working and have no treatments this year to recover from, I go to every varsity and junior varsity game.  And we’ve been hosting all the victory parties after the home games.  Yes, that is a lot of football.

Thank god I actually like football.  I am lucky that both Greg and my dad figured out long ago that if they wanted me to watch a game with them, they were going to need to answer a lot of questions.  I like to know what is actually going on, so they taught me.  I watch the games, I pay attention, and I still ask Greg a lot of questions after the game.

This week is a BIG game.  They are playing Marshfield High School, who are also on quite a roll.  My job, like the last several weeks, is to be ready for the victory party in our basement Friday night after the game.  Greg & I agreed we are just going to keep it rolling.  Don’t change the “mojo”.  But I think this week I’ll go with the crowd favorite – Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese.

A win this week sets them up to play a team from north of Boston next Friday, then the traditional Thanksgiving Game (doesn’t count for anything though).  If still alive they would play for the State Championship at Gillette Stadium the first weekend in December.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, keep your fingers crossed tomorrow night.  Lots of football still to play…thank god I like football!