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Yesterday was Mammo Day. For those of you who are not a woman over 40, it simply means the day you go for your annual mammogram, always a good time (kidding). I went into yesterday expecting a good result and I got one, thankfully. After all the drugs they pumped through my body how could something bad possibly be growing? Right?

Right, but they needed to give me a good scare first. After the radiologist looked at the initial screens, they called me back in for some additional images. OK, I’m thinking, they are big and it’s hard to get them in the right spot sometimes, no problem. Then the technician says just the right one. Righty?!?! That’s the good one. Crap, but I tell myself not to worry they are dense which makes it hard to see. Back to the waiting room while the radiologists takes another look…

They called me in again! More very specific pictures of Righty. Crap, what are they looking at?? After the radiologist came out to talk to me and explained they were looking at some calcifications in Righty, which are normal and no big deal. OK, but you could of told me that when you called me back in the first time! Anyways, he wants to take Righty’s picture again in six months to make sure nothing has changed. Fine.

So, everything ended up being fine, but a little unnerving being back in the Dana-Farber buildings. It just brings it all back. Greg came with me and he said the same thing, didn’t like being back there. For me putting the Johnny thing on immediately took me back – the smell of it – right back to the smell of the blankets in the chemo room. The chemo room every Friday morning at the crack of dawn in the dead of winter…not fun, the polar opposite of the Summer of Deb!!

We grabbed some food from the cafeteria (which is very good) to go and got out of there as quick as possible. I suppose this is the world I now live in where even though you think everything is OK, you are never really completely sure. I guess these periodic reminders of what you battled through are good, they certainly help keep things in perspective. Back in 6 months for another dose of reality…