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It’s been over three months now since I packed up my work life and moved home to my real life. I was able to leave the work behind and keep the friends (Now, I just spend more time with my husband than with them). Actually, last week I went out to Candleland for a visit. It was good. I got to catch-up with my roomie, Hope, and spend the night back at the condo. It was a little weird signing in as a visitor at work, but good to roam the Yankee Candle halls again. And really good not to be stopped every two minutes by someone who had a question or needed something!

One of my goals in this “Next Chapter” was to reconnect with old friends and do a better job staying in touch. It’s been fun. Things like Facebook & LinkedIn really help. Although, scrolling through “People You May Know” is a bit freaky, it’s like seeing your life pass before your eyes.

This week I had lunch with a woman I worked with at Staples. She was someone I learned a ton from and always admired. She was a boss, but always felt like a friend. Twelve years had passed so we chatted non-stop for 2 hours trying to catch-up. As it turns out we both had a lot of life changes in those 12 years. She left Staples not long after I moved on to Yankee Candle, got married, and now has a couple kids. She seems very happy!

When we talked about what this next chapter might bring for me, I asked her if she’d ever go back to work. She would like to do something, maybe her own small business, but she said “I never again want to realize at 5:00 pm that I hadn’t peed all day!” EXACTLY!

I can’t tell you how many times I did that at work, too many! In fact, on particular crazy days Hope & I would actually stop by and remind each other. Yes, remind each other to pee!! Peeing is important, an important bodily function.

My “hiatus” so far has been great. It’s been everything I hoped and more. I’ve stayed busy, but not too busy. I am happy to report I pee several times a day!! 🙂