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This morning I went out for a run and started thinking about the word “inspiration”. It’s a good word, I am always touched when someone uses it in the same sentence as my name, but I was curious, so looked up the actual definition. According to Merriam-Webster, it’s “the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions”. OK, got it. To me it simply means having an impact.

I was thinking about the word because it seems to be everywhere these days. I guess that’s good, because things that don’t have an impact are essentially meaningless. There are so many stories right now about the Boston Marathon Bombing victims, the people that helped them, and the runners, all of which deal with inspiration. I guess with an event/tragedy like that inspiration comes in many forms. There will be 36,000 people running the Boston Marathon next week. They will all be doing it for their own reasons, because something inspired them to do it. Some do it every year, some have never done it, and some are coming out of “retirement”. Greg’s friend Dave is coming from Michigan to run after hanging up his marathon shoes about 5 years ago. Why? He’s always loved doing the Boston Marathon, it’s a special race and a great day. He’s angry that someone tried to ruin it. So, he will run.

Yesterday, of course, was Masters Sunday. As Bubba Watson came down the stretch to win, the announcers called him an inspiration. I love the Masters, and I thought to myself, an inspiration? Really? He won a difficult golf tournament by 3 strokes in regulation, I am not convinced. But by the time he finished hugging his wife, breaking down in tears, and carrying his young son around, I too was crying. Not sure why I always cry when someone wins, someone wins every year, but according to Merriam-Webster, it in fact makes them an inspiration. Jim Nance was right.

Then this morning, as I lay in bed watching Good Morning America (yes, I do that now!), I learned Robin Roberts has a book coming out next week Everybody’s Got Something. It’s a memoir about how she overcame her health issues and the inspiration people gave her. There that word was again! The GMA anchors then each shared stories of who’s inspired them and encouraged the viewers to share their own stories of inspiration. So, what the heck, why not? That word is everywhere, it must be a sign.

My Dad will be 80 later this year. In February, we went to see my folks in Florida for a birthday party at their community clubhouse. (Yes, think Del Boca Vista from Seinfeld!) The party was for anyone turning 80 this year and I was asked to give a speech about my Dad’s life and accomplishments. Here’s my story…