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Yup, fuzzy. That’s how I feel right now. Another dose of chemo down yesterday and still feeling a little fuzzy. I wanted to go for a walk outside this morning to try shake some of the chemo effect, but way too cold. It’s March 23rd and they said it feels like it’s in the 20s with the wind chill, enough already! So I drove over to the gym for a walk on the treadmill. It’s only a couple miles down the road, but I am pretty sure I could have been arrested for drunk driving with the amount of chemo running through my body. After 19 weeks of this, the good news is I know it will pass and each day I will feel better (I can’t say the same for those nasty cancer cells though, after 19 weeks they must be in rough shape!)

My hair is still growing and so very soft and fuzzy, like a baby! I can’t stop touching it. I had Greg take a picture, but still hard to see in the photo…

I know I must seem a little obsessed and overly excited about my hair, but just imagine how psyched George Costanza would be if his hair grew back! I consider it one of the good things in this whole breast cancer process, you lose your hair but it DOES grow back! Who knows what the fuzz will turn into, could be curly, could be straight, all I know is it is mine and I’ll keep it!

All this fuzziness will pass. We’ll get through this week, just like all the others and head back for one more chemo infusion next Friday morning. Look out nasty cancer cells your final chemo blow is coming…